Lloyd “Frank” Love of Riverside, CA. passed away on 11/30/04 due to complications of a mild heart attack and pneumonia. Frank was born on 3/15/31in Refugio, Texas. He is survived by his brother Thomas Love, his loving wife of 24 years, Geraldine “Micki” Price Love, his step children William Jenkins, Patricia Christian, his step grand children Gene Fashbaugh, Heather Robledo and Misty Jenkins and his children Lloyd Love Jr., David Love, Kathleen Love Soley and his grandchildren,  Keith  Love, Shawn Love,  Steven Love and Jason Soley.  Frank enlisted in the US Marine Corps on 7/8/48 in San Antonio, Texas and served for 20 Years until his discharge. He then joined the Fleet Marine Corps Reserves and retired as a Gunnery Sgt. after serving his country for 29 years.  One of the highlights of Frank’s tenor with the Marine Corps occurred during a 5 year period wherein he served aboard the USS Curtiss as a member of a “Top Secret Security Force” for the Atomic Energy Commission. During his service aboard what was known as a “Ghost Ship” he witnessed some 32 nuclear atomic tests in the South Pacific. In recognition of this part of his career Frank is honored in a display at the MCRD Museum in San Diego, Ca.

Frank started his own painting contracting business after completing his military career in 1968. He grew the company for some 20 years at which time he went to work for Twining Associates as a Coating Inspector. Frank was a member of the American Construction Inspection Association and retired in 1996. After losing track of his “USS Curtiss” family of Marines for some 47 years they reunited in May of 1998 and had been in continual contact until his passing.

            Internment was held at the Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside, CA. on 12/7/04.


This is all that I have On George Kelly, at the present.
He did not join up with our reunion untill the Third one.
If I may give you a run down on how we all got together is quite a story. 
Lt Col Jack Kruse, Retired.
Now Jack was a PFC when we all went aboard the Curtiss and eventually promoted to Cpl on the ship. He was the Admiral’s Orderly on the ship.
Jack was wondering what happen to all the Marine’s that were stationed aboard the Curtiss. In couple of the monthly Marine magazines, he had put query in asking if any one knew of any of the Marine’s aboard the ship.
Neil Neilson saw the query and got in touch with Jack, they only live about 50 miles apart.
Now several years before this I had obtain a phone book, and was looking up several friend that was on the ship.  Billie Privitt, (Deceased)(This is another story)  was  in this phone book. So I drop him a line. His wife wrote back that he had passed away 3 years earlier.  But she had kept my address. 
Paul Nielson had found Privitt in the phone book also. He wrote to Billie. In return she wrote back to Paul and gave him my Address. Come to find out that we only live 30 miles apart.
I met up with Paul and we went to work looking for old buddies. In the mean time we found a Frank Love who lives 3 miles from where Paul lived.  Another we found in Oceanside, John Gladfelther With small group we meet the first time at El Toro Air Station.   
Now after we thought if we found ourselves we must be able to find some of the other Marines of the Green house detail.
I put a Query on the find a buddy. Robert Mackenzie had asked his daughter (Kari Chipman) to see if she could find out any thing about the Curtiss. She came across my Query. In turn she droppedme a line on email, with a phone call back to her. She put me in touch with a John Riggins.who lives a few miles from me. We all decided to get together.  We of the Green house said, what the heck let see how many Marines on the ship we can find. 
John Riggins and I spend about 4 months looking for Curtiss Marine’s.
We did find quite a few. A lot had passed away.
As George stated in his web page our first reunion was in San Diego.  This was the first time that we had seen each other in 47 years,   
The other story I would like to tell is about my buddy Billie Privitt we went through boot camp together, Transferred to Mare Island Vallejo CA.
He talked me into signing up for the Special Assignment afloat.  Then he talked me into Shipping over for 6 years when Truman was going to hold every one over for another year. Ship over, I did. Then we went aboard the ship together. Came off the ship, was a troop handler with him for a while and then I went to be a Drill Instructor. This was the last I seen of Billy though we were together in the same unit for close to 4 years.
When the Marine Corps started the new Museum I put in as a sponsor for his name to enter in the museum
He was a very good friend, he did 20 years. I did  8 years in the Corps.
Kieth Cunday

My father-in-law (Paul R. Bennett) was supply staff sargent on the Curtiss for the Marines.  He converted the brig into the supply department.  He was known as Blackie, a nickname given to him during boot camp.  He also is one of many aboard the Curtiss who were in a movie that was taken during Operation Greenhouse and the documentary is at the National Archives here in Maryland.  There are also clips of the USS Curtiss in a documentary entitled, Trinity, The Bomb, and Beyond, (we think that is the proper title) that has been on television.
Paul died in September 1998 from cancer (colon/liver).  My husband, Paul P. Bennett, went to the Curtiss Marines Reunion in 1999 in Las Vegas.  It was a very emotional visit for him but well worth meeting some of the men who served with his father.  We have quite a few pictures of that reunion if you need more photos.
Will be back in touch soon.


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